8/18/2014 Edit

Content AdditionsEdit

Too Young Princess Bubblegum

Skivy Lemongrab

Duchess Gummybuns LSP

Wizard Finn

Guardians of Sunshine Jake

Zombie Peppermint Butler

BMO Noir

General Fixes/UpdatesEdit

FIX: Occasionally players would be stuck at the start of a match

FIX: In the event of a tie at timeout, the game now looks at most KOs, then least defeats, then most assists to determine the winner. In the event ALL of these are the same, a winner is randomly determined.

FIX: Clicking fullscreen button won't make you move anymore.

FIX: Magic Man's power2 decoy no longer appears in the knockout log when he explodes.

UPDATE: Lemongrab has been added to bots

UPDATE: Practice bot is now randomly chosen

UPDATE: 3 vs. Bots now chooses random bots

FIX: Minions no longer attempt to acquire targets while stunned

FIX: Initial store showing 00000 and sometimes allowing an incorrect purchase

FIX: Display names in the in game chat are consistent from pings to chat messages

FIX: Tutorial shows you are playing vs. Jake, not playing vs. Finn

UPDATE: You can hover over the stat icons in the backpack menu to see what they represent

UPDATE: Added audio feedback when a player tries to ping, during ping cool down period

UPDATED: New system for handling brush. This allows for more interesting character materials.

UPDATED: Logic for multiplayer character select

UPDATE: Added audio feedback when a player tries to ping, during ping cool down period

UPDATE: Disconnect grace period greatly reduced

UPDATE: Penalty for disconnects increased

UPDATE: Players can no longer drop in tiers (but you can drop sub-tiers)

Champion Fixes/UpdatesEdit

BALANCE: adjusted Pep But's auto-level to be better for his current stats

FIXED: Bug with "Monster Slayer" adding base damage twice (along with bonus damage)

BALANCE: Demon Blood Sword: increased "Monster Slayer" bonus to 50% (from 25%) to compensate for fix. Also, capped bonus damage @ 125 per point spent in Demon Blood Sword (mostly for Magic Man power3 and Marceline power2)

FIX: Rattleballs - If KO'd while in counter stance, mid-air auto-attacks will no longer activate the counter.

FIX: A number of powers with secondary activations had unintentional delays before another power could be used. These were unintentional and have been removed. BMO power2, Rattleballs power3, Lich power3, Magic Man power2

FIX: Skully now reacts correctly to crowd control effects

FIX: PB's power2 (turrets) are immune to crowd control and correctly display as such

UPDATE: Swapped Marshall Lee's weapon for a character correct version of his guitar

FIX: Hit areas that hit an invincible actor could cause all other actors in hit area to take no damage. (a.k.a. "The Gunter ult bug")

FIX: Ice King's passive was appearing while in brush

FIX: Gunter & outfits had discrepancy in passive stats and display stats. Now all passive damage and damage areas are uniform.

FIX: PB's outfits cooldown on power3 reduced to the correct value of 80 seconds from 90 seconds

Backpack Fixes/UpdatesEdit

FIX: Cooldown reduction from backpack items now works

FIX: Marceline's Amp now gives correct Power Vamp (5/10/15/20%)

Added a few more fixes to general

Added note about dropping sub-tiers